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Recruiting Event/Job Fair/Meet & Greet Prep
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Includes a resume review!

30 Seconds!

That's how long you get to grab the attention of a recruiter at a job fair or recruiting event. It seems almost unfair that you spent a lot of time & money, not to mention travel on your days off to get to your upcoming event, only to get about 30... seconds to make the impression that could change your career forever.

Adding to this pressure is the reality that all airlines have a different approach to screening you either in or out. Preparing for these (recruiting events, job fairs or meet & greets) 30 seconds is critical-- understanding the philosophy and culture of your selected airline is the key to moving from the resume stack to the call list. At Cage Marshall Consulting, we are known for interview preparation following the initial call. But lesser known is our Job Fair/Meet & Greet Preparation Service. We help you prepare for your 15 minutes in the spotlight. We also work with you to be able to speak to recruiters in order to move your career forward.

We've said it before, but success happens when preparation meets opportunity. The recruiting event/job fair/meet & greet is the opportunity.

Be sure to make yourself the stand-out by preparing today.

Our one hour consult services are intended to be used by applicants who are in need of preparation for a video interview, meet & greets, recruiting events, career consulting, special concerns consulting, and /or technical consults (LOI, SBI, CRM).   

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